Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ Sweet 16 Aashita Sweet 16 Academy Friend Speech Two

Relive the Academy Friend Speech Two from Aashita’s Sweet 16 held at Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ.

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Event Venue: Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ



Academy Friend Two: so I sound too deep because so I met the first day of the cattle and my first impression waas that we’re the crazy class clown who couldn’t stop talking. But we’re gonna put that all aside and we’re gonna start from freshman year. And I have Great. We have ridiculous memories of our squad. We should really bring us back and you lasting rest back music with area and try to keep up on the side. We had our nature walk and trillions of pictures of us on our phone. We really were narcissistic I guess from Heartbreak Girl the talent show and the fan girling over in HD freshman year. Really? Waas a while Software Your flew by since we’re in opposite classes. So let’s flash forward to the present. Our junior the bar had some insane reason Civil you choking on my water in Spanish and I can’t wait for more to come. You crack me up and our deep therapy talks in the bathroom. Really get it. But we’re gonna keep that a secret for girls machine over with your nasty Josie Catherine you never failed to make you feel better when life seems to be spiraling out of control. Your energy and optimism always and continues to shine. You best get yourself up just like you get a couple of days ago. That for But But even if you fall heaven knows I won’t catch you. I’ll be the one driving your wheelchair One more time for Janice. What a great speech!