The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ Fusion Wedding Prerna Kevin Bride Friend Speech

Relive the Bride Friend Speech from Prerna and Kevin’s Fusion Wedding held at The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Event Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Posh Kreations LLC
DJ & Entertainment: Luxe Event Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Cinderella Bridez
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Nirali Decor
Wedding Florist: Nirali Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Sajda by Suman
Henna Artist: Henna by Meghna
Officiant/Priest: Dev Ketu
Baraat Vehicle or Limousine Service: Equishare Baraat Horses and Carriages



Bride Friend: everyone check. Hello everyone. My name is Praveen. Uh and I love to teach Brenda and I first met one another about 10 years ago. Now the beginning of college. I was really able to relate to her dry wit sarcasm humor ability to laugh at anyone and everything. But I saw that prayer now had a problem psychologist supposed to be a time when you take advantage of new social experiences. Granted we were A T C and J. So it’s a small affluent suburban Division three predominantly Caucasian university in New Jersey not a multi cultural mecca. But it’s college nonetheless. Rather than take advantage of these social experiences I saw fairness shying away from them. Instead of talking to new fun and interesting people she would run off to the library to go study. She would tell me there was a cafe there which made it much more interesting. No. Instead of going out to parties and dinners she would skulk off to her room to go watch the latest Bollywood films. Even worse. Even worse she would go watch the old classic Bollywood films with this guy’s soul Man can somebody I don’t now with my love for teaching. And with this problem that I saw parent having I saw an opportunity I used to joke with Karen about these lessons that I would give. So begins the first of my three lessons. Lesson number one. How to Become Social. Now I have a joke that I would create a set of online videos tutorials and quizzes for her toe. Really get out there. Experience all these new social things that Salt College has to offer. I’ll tell you what. She took them all and did spectacularly gained a whole bunch of wonderful friends. Along the way she escaped. The nerd Kingdom that was the biology major could work. She gained some leadership positions along the way including the presidency of the Indian Student Association which I am still convinced was a ploy to continue to watch more Bollywood. But nonetheless she thrived. She did wonderfully. We move to our early careers outside of college. We both moved to Jersey City. Disaster struck. We were both checking our respective social media’s looking at our friends and friends of friends having a good time and prone to turns to me and says I don’t suffer from foam Oh now for those of you who are not aware faux mo is ah widespread ailment very common amongst the millennial community that’s defined predominately by its acronym Fear of Missing Out Prayer nut didn’t have the fear of missing out. Now if Fomo is really the social driver behind all millennials to go out there and experience the world I was concerned. Lesson number two How to get re infected with Foma I dusted off the old video has got the quizzes out and I’ll tell you what she did Spectacularly she started talking to more than just one or two people in her office. She joined a wonderful and fantastic academic fellowship in New York. Where’s my koro people? See you see Ugo she did spectacular. It brings us here to your wedding day. Now I’m able to reflect upon all of these teachings that I’ve given unto you and I’ve realized I’ve left out a pretty significant part of the story. It’s the man sitting just next to you. Many of you have had the privilege of knowing Kevin. He is is brilliant as he is tall as kind hearted and gentle as he is pale and lanky great guy wonderful guy a tour de force. And I’m realizing now that all of the teachings that I had been giving you all these years over a few times you you didn’t need to become more social. You just needed to find Kevin someone to be with to experience all of these new social things. You didn’t need to have a fear of missing out. You didn’t have anything to miss out on. You had Empire Side the whole time. Now that brings me to my final lesson. Lesson three love. Now I always thought that I was the teacher here but from you both and watching you both grow and bond together in your relationship. I learned a lot about love. I learned that love is really simple emotion but a very complicated feeling. I learned that love can be really tough when we’re happy but also really strong when we’re sick and when we’re sad. It was beautiful to watch you both together and from your teaching even though I was able to find the love of my life. And lastly I realized the whole time that I was never the teacher. I was the student and thank you guys so much for allowing all of us to experience the love in your relationship and congratulations. One more nice big round of applause for Praveen.