Marigold Somerset NJ Fusion Wedding Anita Patrick Maid Of Honor Speech

Relive the Maid of Honor Speech from Anita and Patrick’s Fusion Wedding held at Marigold Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Ember Banquets Monmouth Junction NJ
Garba Venue: Ember Banquets Monmouth Junction NJ
Fusion Wedding Venue: Marigold Somerset NJ
Event Venue: Marigold Somerset NJ
DJ & Entertainment: DJ USA Weddings
Makeup Artist: Payal MUA
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Nirali Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Asopalav
Tuxedo/Shirvani Designer: Menguin
Henna Artist: Henna by Shai
Officiant/Priest: Harendra R. Dave



Maid of Honor: We got it. Guys. Off to a great start. What a crazy day. Guys wasn’t a great So for everyone here who doesn’t know me. I’m so numb and me and then you have grown up together. Oh God. So Oh that’s us. So we’ve known each other since we were babies and we had so many memories together. Anita is she is responsible for the person I am today. So it’s been said by many people that you could stick us both in a room and we would laugh and talk for hours. And that’s truly been true for the our entire lives. I racked my memory for like the best story I could think of. Ronnie and I really have a terrible memory. Honey knows this. I cannot remember. Ah lot of what happened but it was good But one story one story just stuck out in my mind and I will never forget it. We’re on six or seven years old. And there was this bunk called the Rainbow Fish they really wanted. And my parents wouldn’t get it for me because they had already bought it as a surprise. Okay so there was this book colored rainbow fish. And my parents wouldn’t buy it for me because they had already gotten as a surprise. I was really torn up about this and somehow on you found out about this and I have no idea to this day how. But at seven years old she made me the most beautiful rainbow fish in the world and gave it to me. No. And you want. Who knows? I need up knows that this is her that she she loves in the small gestures in the thoughts even at seven. And and this is really what truly makes her her now enter. A few years later Patrick and I first heard about Patrick on one of our epic to our phone calls. I don’t think I need a new It was happening at that time but I feel like I knew Patrick knew what I needed was worth. He knew how special she was right away. And you understood you almost instantaneously. And since then you guys have been together. The Internet tells me that I should give some advice. At this point I don’t know what advice I could give you that you guys don’t already live. You guys love each other and it is so evident. So I think the best I can do is just continue to love each other and don’t change a thing. So let’s raise our glasses do and you don’t. Patrick may they have a life full of the happiness they bring to everyone else. Ladies German Another big round of applause for some time here this evening for those very special words.