The Imperia Somerset NJ Fusion Wedding Nina David David Mother

Relive David Mother from Nina and David’s Fusion Wedding held at The Imperia Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: Couple Residence
Event Venue: The Imperia Somerset NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
Makeup Artist: BeatbyTwiggy
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Anderson Flowers
Wedding Florist: Anderson Flowers
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: cocomelody
Officiant/Priest: Anthony Zecca



David Mother: Hi everybody. It is worth noting that um I’m the groom small and this is before we get started before I get started. I wanted Bank Nina’s family for their warm welcome. This is a happy day for me knowing that my dream for David has come true. Today is a day off happiness knowing that you are marrying this beautiful woman Nina which I love a lot when it was a little boy I often try to imagine like most of Mom’s do what he would do off its life. Oh but so what’s it going to be a doctor or lower your? No. But then his father introduce himto horses and cars. That was the beginning of a grid eventual for him with a lot of trophies and accomplishments. Mina thank you for being there for David and supporting him and what he loves to do most. I love you a lot and want to thank you for for being for bringing out the best in for him. So have another page. I trust that you are going to be an amazing wife and that you will bless us where the a lot off little Nina’s for little David’s. It is a god blessing to have you as a daughter. I couldn’t be more happy that my son meta an amazing girl like you David your dad would be very proud of you. Thank you. Thank you. I made a mess of it. I know. Okay once again a big round of applause for the woman’s mommy. Thank you. At this time I’d like to ask everyone please rise. Please rise with your glasses in hand because we’ll have a big toast with the bride and groom. And on a count. 123 Everybody say cheers. Okay everybody please. Right. Stand up. Come on guys. Stand up. There you go. Everybody rise. Okay here we go. 123 Say cheers. Really loud. Okay here we go. 123