Doubletree By Hilton Tinton Falls NJ Christian Wedding Ananya Bryan Ananya And Bryan

Relive Ananya and Bryan from Ananya and Bryan’s Christian Wedding held at DoubleTree by Hilton Tinton Falls NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Christian Wedding Venue: Thompson Park Lincroft NJ
Event Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Tinton Falls NJ
DJ & Entertainment: DJ Karan Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Salon Indigo
Wedding Cake: Chocolate Carousel
Wedding Florist: Teresa



Ananya and Bryan: So first off thank you everyone for coming out. It’s really good to see everyone here. We’re so excited and have everyone here to share this moment with us is really really great. So thank you. Um quickly. We have to charities that we’re donating to. And um one of them is St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the other one is the best friends Animal society. Um so there’s an envelope for each charity on your tables if if you’d like if you would like to donate to either one of the charities or both whichever um we would love for you to do that. Whatever you guys donate today we’ll double it and we’ll donate it to whoever you decide. So just a little bit about each of the charity of St Jude’s. Their mission is to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases and they do it with research and um treatment. So no child is denied treatment based on race religion or family’s ability to pay Um and and no parent will get a bill for any service is that their child receives and the other one because I love animals so much we’re trying to donate two best friends Animal Society. Their group originated in Arizona in 1971 and they’re located in Utah now but they basically are tax exempt. Nonprofit charity help. All text of homeless animals have this huge wrench um back in Utah and they basically have other national parks that they leased from the United States Bureau of Land Management. And they just home every single animal that ever needs help feeding all the vet care and everything. So pick a charity please donate and we’ll double whatever you guys don’t date today. Um also it just so happens that today made 21st is National Waitstaff Day. So while we’re all having fun on the dance floor and eating all these great meals we want to take time to recognize all the effort and the time and the hard work that goes into planning and preparing and bringing it to our table’s clearing at everything that is done for us. Um so our maitre d Nemo and his whole group we just want to give everyone just a big round of applause for all the hard work that they do not just for this event but for all the events that they’ve ever had any hand in helping out with. So thank you guys. You guys want to come up for pictures? Quick! Quick picture. Come on guys. Ladies and gentlemen I need you to help me out. Beautiful! Run! Applause for all these wonderful people here! Come on Midget! He himself is on the floor for them. Come on. Everybody needed to make some noise for the stop. What a wonderful team have. Thank you so much everyone. Ladies and gentlemen I hope everyone has

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