Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ Sweet 16 Neha Sweet 16 Cousin Speech

Relive the Cousin Speech from Neha’s Sweet 16 held at Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ.

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Event Venue: Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ



Cousin: Our second speech of this evening is about birthday goes cousins When the girl’s cousin come on stage name when you work for another sister we couldn’t believe it was true. You’re a Cali girl. So much attitude with your bright personality. You can fix that one’s mood. The six hour like take way too much time. So when you moved to New Jersey things were finally You’re smart funny and beautiful. 60 years old. Seriously the years have gone by fast. How are you? Are 16. This is pregnant. You’re intelligent and vicious highly motivated. Your positive attitude is always appreciated. They have You make us proud every way. Are your big sister’s in every moment in every way Have watched you grow up. Wait to see what’s next what you are. Happy birthday 16 Princess What would you join us? Way say having kids. Wow! Wow! Everybody way. 123 way. Yes! What is it for? Something your mom told me. There’s a brand new car outside