Windows On The Water Sea Bright NJ Christian Wedding Teena Andrew Teena Father

Relive Teena Father from Teena and Andrew’s Christian Wedding held at Windows on the Water Sea Bright NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Christian Wedding Venue: Windows on the Water Sea Bright NJ
Event Venue: Windows on the Water Sea Bright NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
DJ & Entertainment: DJMonuSingh Entertainment Inc
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Florist: Boxwood Gardens Florist
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Essense of Austrailia
Tuxedo/Shirvani Designer: K&G



Teena Father: Good evening| ladies and gentlemen| is the pressure is really a great pressure to see all of you here tonight. This evening| this our good buddies| seriously| our guests a year came from different parts of the country. They came from California| Florida| North Carolina| New York| Philadelphia| of course| from New Jersey. And I sincerely thank you| eat. And everyone from the bottom of my heart| my lovely wife Money on I. We live in New York for 42 years on God blessed us with two beautiful daughters Tina and Gina did. I was born in Youngers in New York. Scuse me on March 17 the same pattern day when we brought the baby home from the hospital. One of my Irish friends| Mr Bill| clearly he came home. He told me| George| you have a really lucky go. She’s born on St Patrick’s Day. She has all the luck of the Irish. So usually name here| Morticia. So I was a little confused in the night. Older| Mr Kelly| I will consider it. When I was discussing this matter with my wife| we decided to put in name Neither. Doesn’t she look like Tina Red? She was born. I told my wife. Look| at that time my wife was working us that I just said Nurse. So I told her| Honey| you’re not going to work now when you’re going to stay home and take all the baby. Right? Then she looked at me and says| What you talking about? This is not India. This is America. After a few months| when you go back to work| I said| Then what we gonna do with the baby| then just being you to baby sit him? Why? To me she was so precious. I didn’t want you had any babies in. So So I told my wife| If you want going back to work| I will stay home. So she thought that I was kidding. The next day| I quit my job and stayed home and took care of Tina. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. When she was young| I mean| um| when Bill Kelly told me she has the luck of the Irish. I didn’t really mean much birds at that time. I never knew that Tina’s last name is going to be an Irish name. No| I’m really in for Mr Kelly to tell him Billy at that time| you thought told me to put the first name. Patricia Instant. I put the last name| Mr Pyne. Now I When I realized I can see that everything is God’s plan| no question about it. And when that Tina was young| I used to take you at the Manhattan to show the St Patrick’s Day parade. I used to buy her a green balloons and other toys. So when we go| then she asked me. Then the whore thing is for my birthday. I said| Of course this is your birthday. But later on| when she grew up| I could not work here anymore. Dina. Ah| Is there any intelligent and very hard working girl? She was a valedictorian in the school| and she got accepted in the medical school when she was in high school. And she ah ah successfully completed her family from Albany Medical College. Then she specialized. Are you in pain management and working in the fiercely now I know| um| the Finch family for a couple of years. They are really nice and loving family. I know| uh| and a couple of years also| I have a really nice things to say about him. He’s He’s a very enthusiastic| intelligent. I don’t cook Leyland. For example| when he went to India recently with the Tina| he learned enough sentences to communicate enough center since in Indian language to communicate with the people. Then all my friends and family loved him| especially my parents. Then we had an opportunity to go to New Delhi| the capital city off India. Didn’t even d’oh uh| Agra. I had to see that tache Mahar. Then you came back on| stayed an entire day in a house board| enjoying the back to our days of Carola. It is beautiful and also they had an opportunity to take and right on the elephant and they’re really injured. It’s all right on dde| even the elephant| gentlemen. Even the elephant was very friendly with Andy| by the way| it was a female elephants. I’m just getting That was a male elephant. No. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway Ah| And to| um I’m really Ah very happy and proud to have Andrew as the husband off my lord a Tina. Welcome to a family| Andrew. As a matter of fact| he is no| as a part off is part of our family. And| um| I prayed to God Bless| uh| the coupler with a happy on safe and the poor are spirits married life. God bless Tina and Andrew. Thank you.