The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ Fusion Wedding Prerna Kevin Groom Friend Speech

Relive the Groom Friend Speech from Prerna and Kevin’s Fusion Wedding held at The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Event Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Posh Kreations LLC
DJ & Entertainment: Luxe Event Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Cinderella Bridez
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Nirali Decor
Wedding Florist: Nirali Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Sajda by Suman
Henna Artist: Henna by Meghna
Officiant/Priest: Dev Ketu
Baraat Vehicle or Limousine Service: Equishare Baraat Horses and Carriages



Groom Friend: tough acts to follow. Why do I have to be third? I want to thank the Simha family prayer now Kevin the Adams family and have one here. I mean I know so much. Effort has gone into planning today and today has been truly amazing. And I’m honored to be here in front of everyone and speak on behalf of my best friend Kevin. I have known each other for 10 years and I’ve known prayer enough for 10 years as well which is pretty unique because we met a T c N J on DDE. We had an amazing time and I have the unique opportunity of being able to know Kevin for as long as I’ve known Kevin and to see how their relationship evolved over the years. And I’m a man of fairly few words so I’ll keep it short. Don’t worry. I couldn’t help but laugh when they exchanged vows because it was so honest. They said You know we have good times but we have our difficulties as well and a lot of people don’t acknowledge that in exchange vows and I was really unique and it’s true. As your best friend you divulge some difficult times but they truly love each other. And the embodiment of true love is being able to move on and overcome any difficulties whether it be with a garden career personal issues health and everything in between. And I know that Kevin and Prayers truly do love each other. And I’ve been privileged to experience that first hand over the past 10 years and and I know that this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful journey and there may be other difficulties that arise along the way and there will be amazing times as well. But you overcome each and just remember the true facts that you really do love each other and that is what overcomes all. And um earlier I was introduced as Kevin’s best friend during the ceremony and Kevin is my best friend. But my best friend’s best friend is Perna and I’ve known that all these years and I am just so happy to see this day finally come. It’s been a long a long journey but it’s happened and we all knew was gonna happen. So to Kevin and paranoia I love both of you. One more time for Matt you