The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ Fusion Wedding Prerna Kevin Bride Brother Speech

Relive the Bride Brother Speech from Prerna and Kevin’s Fusion Wedding held at The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Event Venue: The Tides Estate North Haledon NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Posh Kreations LLC
DJ & Entertainment: Luxe Event Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Cinderella Bridez
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Nirali Decor
Wedding Florist: Nirali Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Sajda by Suman
Henna Artist: Henna by Meghna
Officiant/Priest: Dev Ketu
Baraat Vehicle or Limousine Service: Equishare Baraat Horses and Carriages



Bride Brother: all right. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to follow that up because I used to be the funny one in the family of After last night with Steve. And now with Tom I have suddenly slid down the rankings. Um but hi everyone. Um I’m praying as the these brother Serge. Ah. Ah Don’t say her name. So that’s weird. Um first of all I want to take this time to ah thank everyone for joining us to celebrate the and ah Kevin Jogi. Now I know we have family and friends who have traveled great distances to join us and I want to reiterate that we appreciate you um and you have all had impact and impact on either Kevin the the myself or our parents and that we appreciate you um a few stories stick out in my mind when I think about my relationship with our relationship with the mostly they involve us getting into various levels of trouble with the various levels of authority. Um one that really jumps out is we were running around the house alone. Home alone. Sorry. On a day off from summer camp and the the fake called 911 prompting me to really call 911 which did not end well for us that day having to explain to both the officer and mummy that there was no real emergency. Another one that really sticks out is the the faking dying in order to make me do her chores on. Then the best part is coming up. And then she made me cry when I didn’t actually believe her on Lee to say Gotcha Good times good size. But really it’s hard to put into words the contribution DD has had in my life. Um she always tells me that she’s the one who raised me and even though I always tell her that she’s a weirdo she has truly shaped a lot of who I am today. The day has been a true support system in every sense from covering for each other or mostly you for me in middle school and high school preparing me for interviews in the last few years even after long days at work at the expense of sleep. You’ve been there through it all. I followed in your footsteps every step of the way even copying your grad school plans and you’re all mom mater for those grad school plans. I guess I can say that. Um and I’ve been known as Brenda’s brother for as long as I can remember And at first they used to annoy me. Um but I’ve grown and realized and grown to appreciate that because it means you truly leave a lasting impression. Been great memory with each and every person that you meet an encounter. You You introduced me to Kevin pretty early on in your relationship almost 10 years ago now at a House party viewing. And he was easily the most welcoming person I met that night making sure that the high school senior had fun at a college party. Since then Kevin you’ve been nothing. And you’ve been continued to be incredibly kind patient and hilarious something that’s very necessary when dealing with the the Kevin in the last year. So we’ve got much closer and I couldn’t be more confident that you and the the air perfect compliments for each other. You and the rest of the Adams family. I have embraced the wholeheartedly and our entire family on this side and our general weirdness of the lead up to this wedding. And as a brother I can’t ask for much more. I look forward to abusing the new X box room and the new apartment with you and we can’t. And I can’t wait to have more fun with you. The D and Kevin Soggy. Officially I wish you nothing but the best in your next chapter during which I will definitely definitely be crashing with you. One things escalate at home. No but seriously you two um you personify love and friendship in their truest sense. And I’m honored. You have a front row seat small and I’m honored to have a front row seat. All of the inevitable success that you too will have shears one more time for Suraj. Clap those hands folks.