The Imperia Somerset NJ Sikh Wedding Navjot David Aijaz Best Man Speech

Relive the Aijaz Best Man Speech from Navjot and David’s Sikh Wedding held at The Imperia Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Sikh Wedding Venue: The Imperia Somerset NJ
DJ & Entertainment: DJ Sunny Entertainment
Wedding Decorator: Florista Decor



Aijaz Best Man: a nice big round of applause for apparently best man number two. Give it up for H as everybody. Come on. Thank you D J. It is a coincidence that you played my favorite song. You asked me to play it. This must have been that freak from best man number one. As a matter of fact don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled. Um he is. I don’t even know this guy. All right. Okay. I really don’t know who he is so don’t listen to him at all. Um actually I was going to say that it’s an honor to ah share the best man position with Carlo but I think I’m gonna change my mind about that now. Uh huh. But ah so yeah um thank you for ah stealing some of my speech Carlo. But uh it’s a funny story actually. I’ve known David for almost 10 years now and when I first saw him it’s true. I didn’t like him. And that’s because he looked like that huh? And And he had the attitude to go with it as well. The but yeah I mean but it I I was wrong. I was wrong. I truly judged the book by its cover and that’s what you’re not supposed to do. So um actually talking of books um I wrote a list of words that best describe David. He is smart. He is kind. He’s intelligent. He’s handsome. Um I’m getting a little nervous. Sorry Dave. What did you write here? Right. But those truly are the words that describe David on DDE. I would actually be you know lying If I said that you were my best friend because truly you are a brother on DDE. You’ve been there for everything you know through thick and thin through ah all the ups and downs and ah through a part in my life where I went through this addiction of watching all the shadow con movies over and over and over again. And I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t recovered and I think I rub some of that off on David. But you know like I said he’s truly a brother to me on which is why I truly I am the number one best man. Do you see what happened? Waas. We had to run a mile. Just get the number one position and obviously Carlo one. So but truly from the bottom of my heart I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness. Lots of wealth and lots of love. And if you get lots of wealth police shoot. So unlike Harlow I am not gonna take up too much time. So everybody give it up for my new brother and sister. Ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen make some noise. A nice bottle of Paul’s great job. Great job ladies and gentlemen as we could tell you last but not least I need a nice big rental clothes.

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