Springfield Country Club Springfield PA Fusion Wedding Reema Eric Feature Film

Relive the Feature Film from Reema and Eric’s Fusion Wedding held at Springfield Country Club Springfield PA.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Lead Cinematographer: Jay
Fusion Wedding Second Cinematographer:
Fusion Wedding Third Cinematographer:
Fusion Wedding Lead Photographer: Sameer
Fusion Wedding Second Photographer: Ruchisha
Pre-Ceremony Venue: Springfield Country Club Springfield PA
Event Venue: Springfield Country Club Springfield PA


Meet our masters cinematographer, Ajay Rijh. Ajay is obsessed with representing love in it's most purest forms through eye captivating motion imagery. A master of wedding filmmaking, Ajay incorporates several tools such as crystal clear audio capture, aerial drone footage, hollywood gimbal movements, and prestige color correction and grading with careful attention to the details. He thoroughly crafts each film with a meticulous scope, and carefully selects his team through genuine friendship, adaptability, and rigorous training. With a keen understanding of individual expression, artistic eye, and honest nature, Ajay leads the cinema team to consistently create loving films that beautify the essence of each couple's memory, embodied and preserved in ageless films that last a lifetime.