Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA Hindu Wedding Sejal Shaleen Shaleen Parents Speech

Relive Shaleen Parents Speech from Sejal and Shaleen’s Hindu Wedding held at Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA.

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Pre-Ceremony Venue: Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA
Garba Venue: Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA
Hindu Wedding Venue: Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA
Event Venue: Sheraton Tysons Corner Tysons VA
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
DJ & Entertainment: SVP DJ
Makeup Artist: Sana Khalid
Wedding Decorator: Liz Walters
Wedding Florist: Liz Walters
Officiant/Priest: Family Member



Shaleen Parents speech: That was an amazing speech from a very dedicated and loving mother to her daughter and future son in law. It’s really difficult to get up here and speak to all of you s o. I think she did a great job and I think she deserves another round of applause. Okay so now I’d like to introduce my awesome mama and mommy local and they’re sharp. Patel I’ve been contemplating this day off this event for such a long time on um it was so difficult for me personally thio to say what I’m about to say difficult for me to put it down on paper because in my previous time I used to actually write speeches and you know thanks for folks. Um but to be very honest this time around every time I sat down and thought about it I was very very difficult for me to put stuff on paper. But on behalf of Russia and myself you know we are so proud off Sharlene his achievements and and you know what? There’s so much we would like to say and we’ll be here all night and I don’t want to boy you folks but all we want to say is we are so so proud of you. Our entire family is proud of you. And you know we have sage allow part of our family and say Joe on behalf of my entire family for mom and myself and our families to welcome you in our family. And we’re so honored to have you it’s there’s a lot I would like to say but I truly want to thank on the outset the love and the support from our side of the family from social side of the family my side of the family um who have traveled from all over the place. Um and we’ve you know reunited after a long time and that really means a lot. And I know they’re sitting over there over here. I’m not going to mention names because again we’re gonna be here all night and I don’t know put a damper on these celebrations but to each and every one off you including Shall Ian’s friends colleagues you know say Joe’s friends and everyone we are strew Lee truly grateful Toe all off you. Seriously. It means a lot to us. And I know and I didn’t want to say this. There’s one person who we dealing Miss is my father who would be. And I know he’s watching over us on. He would be so proud of this moment um in for Charlie. And we truly truly miss him today. But I know a CZ as much as we’re sad but we’re all so happy. And I know he’s the same way. And my mama’s Well um you know and what he’s achieved he found Sage all I remember. So Dad I’ve met this young lady I said Okay um So when are you gonna bring her home? You know what? It’s not time. Is that I said really? Ah with that bad that you don’t want us to meet your girlfriend. Back then there was still seeing courting or dating or whatever it waas. But then finally you know my son that’s how is hey wanted. Probably wanted to make sure and all that whether we approve and I you know we’ve always said to him It’s your lives. We want you guys to be happy and you know Staedel side of the family our side of the family. Sharlene we truly truly want both of you to be very very happy. You have all our blessings. And you know we wish you all the very best in your future lives. And hopefully you know you do have grandkids. Kids. Rather I hope we’re not that old. I’m getting ice from the machine. Maybe she doesn’t want to be the grandma and what you are the babies. But also we’d like to take this final opportunity um to thank say Jules family. Uh but there’s so many names but please forgive me but we truly like to thank you for the hospitality. And I know we’re all gonna have a great time and uh thank you so much. And to buy family does shows family our friends who’ve traveled from all over the world on that truly truly means a lot to us on. Thank you so much and let the body begins. Thanks Mama. And for just over one knows Mom was actually really nervous about this speech. For a guy who’s so confident speaking who can blame him? It’s his son’s wedding. I think you did a great job. So another round of applause for Shannon’s parents. Thank you.

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