Sheraton Mahwah Mahwah NJ Indian Wedding Avni Bhartesh Groom Sister And Cousin Speech

Relive the Groom Sister and Cousin Speech from Avni and Bhartesh’s Indian Wedding held at Sheraton Mahwah Mahwah NJ.

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Pre-Ceremony Venue: Groom Residence
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Garba Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Mahwah NJ
Indian Wedding Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Mahwah NJ
Event Venue: Sheraton Mahwah Mahwah NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Yaadein Events
DJ & Entertainment: Yaadein Events
Makeup Artist: Cinderella Bridez
Wedding Cake: Chocal8Kiss Bakery
Wedding Decorator: JP Decor
Henna Artist: Henna by Shweta K
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Groom Sister and Cousin: this time I would like to welcome Brucia and Ice Maria which are part dishes sister and cousin to say a few words or ah partition and off me. Hello everyone. Uh I’m Indrani. I’m breath Aetius Cousin sister. And I’m so happy today to be able to congratulate rubbish and his beautiful wife of me and very happy to help No welcome her on the bottom the family to the Shah family sympathy. Screw off from being my sweet little brother And he’s become a smart young man. Young doctor. Throughout his life breath issues consistently showed his ability to make sound decisions. I always knew he would choose the right partner for himself and he proved that today we’re choosing off me for him. Growing up we shared a lot of memories together from arguing over watching cartoons to putting on teaming up to put on skits for a family entertainment. He has this innate ability to bring people closer. Maybe New Year’s celebrations or Thanksgiving dinners on. He’s never short of creative ideas so I’m sure you’ll agree with this of me in the coming years. Violation of me. I wish you the greatest happiness for the rest of your lives. I am proud of both of you and really excited to be able to stand here with the entire family and your friends to witness new beginnings. Congratulations once again in years. Hi everyone. I’m a Sharia bar. Tish is younger sister. I can’t believe that this day is here. I feel like it was just yesterday that me and birthdays were sharing a bunk bed in our home. And now it’s time that he’s marrying up me. Um it was just like yesterday that we were fighting over Moz. Or like who had to be using the computer when you couldn’t use the computer and the telephone at the same time. What is? I’m um I can’t believe that was about 15 years ago. I’ve just been blessed that I have had such a great person to grow up with for the past 24 years just to share one example. Most of our childhood revolved around playing Nintendo games and video games. Since I was always around I was his favorite video game partner. We always play this one game called Kirby a ride and I used to lose very quickly within the 1st 5 minutes. As the days went on I realized that our our games went on a little longer and I was having a lot of fun. But just recently I realized that he had changed all the rules and didn’t want to kill me in that game just so that I wouldn’t be upset and that we’d have fun together. So this just shows that he’s got great sportsmanship or that he was just being a great older brother. Um in any case I am confident that these inequalities that he’s shared with me throughout our childhood are gonna mirror his a lot of time with of name. I know he’s going to take care of her really well with his selfless heart and I’m here to see this relationship grow of me. Ever since I’ve met you you’ve been like a sister to be. You welcome me to all of your events and everything that we’ve done together has been so much fun. I can’t wait for what the future has to hold. And I’m glad that I have one more person to team up with me and my mom when we’re trying to go against my brother. Welcome to the Shah family and have a great night. Um hello everyone. My name is brush off. I am birthday. She’s cousin brother. It’s really easy for a place to feel like home with a guy like birthdays around. He’s witnessed some of the biggest moments in the trajectory of my life and definitely left an indelible mark on how I see the world and how I’ve learned to live a bigger a life bigger than the world that I live in. He is as selfless as he is supportive and he truly is the full package. You’re going to hear a lot tonight about how the experiences folks have had with of number dish. But I wanted to offer some words about marriage that I think could be helpful to the couple. Not that I would know but um no union is more profound than marriage because it embodies the highest ideals of love devotion sacrifice M partnership. Informing this union we’re standing before two people who together are greater than once they were. Marriage embodies love that exists throughout life and even passed out. There is no greater fulfillment or deeper meaning behind the work of love than witnessing the start of a marriage. We are honored to see our brother expresses love for off me with all of us. And we’re inspired that such love still exists for all of us to learn from May this marriage And now you’re paired hearts give you the space six floor life with insatiable ity and create the bedrock from which all of us can see our common humanity. In your example A big congratulations to the couple. One more time. Ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause for the beautiful siblings apart they