Royal Alberts Palace Fords NJ Birthday featuring Vivaan

Please enjoy Vivaan’s ‘s Birthday held at the Royal Alberts Palace Fords NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Birthday Venue: Royal Alberts Palace Fords NJ

Birthday Lead Photographer: Rajan

The “Raj” in Raj Photo Video. An aspiring actor in India realizing a fiercely competitive industry was not a stable career choice to support his family. Immigrating to the USA in 1986 and hustling his way to make ends meet, Raj gained an interest in Hindi films and the entertainment industry. In 2004, he headed over to the B&H store in NYC and invested all that he had left in his pocket purchasing a Panasonic camcorder, a Nikon D70 and a 18-70mm kit lens. This entrepreneurial drive is what was founded as our company today known as “Raj Photo Video”.