Radisson Hotel Freehold NJ Baby Shower Stephanie Baby Shower Mother Speech

Relive the Mother Speech from Stephanie’s Baby Shower held at Radisson Hotel Freehold NJ.

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Event Venue: Radisson Hotel Freehold NJ



Mother: Well| first| I wanted to just express how proud I am. No| there are lots of children these days that actually| I don’t want to have your own show. I think it speaks to our upbringing that our children want to have a family and raise a family and do a lot of the traditional things| no longer dark world. So I’m just so happy that we’re gonna be grandparents. And I know that| Stephanie| to me| they’re going to be wonderful parents. They’re gonna have a lot of help. They’re gonna have a lot of consistency and raising your child. I’ve already expressed that every child should have only one boss. So they need to pick the person is gonna be boss and give their child every opportunity. And when I step me| I let her do every sport when she was little| every sport and then left picked sport that she liked the best. So baby job is going to come out the womb Kerrigan tennis racket. I would go so much. I know you’re going to be fantastic. Parents go| Stephanie| Stephanie and nation. You fill my dreams. Oh| get number one. I’m getting married and giving me a grand time of it. Yeah. I thought we would be telling brother get married. You know| he’s gonna come for you to get raise. You walk on. I’ll show you will be doing the same thing with your baby. And I love you both from the bottom of my heart. I was in progress through this| you know| happiness. In joyous moments| we asked you to just you know| you can be free tow so yourself some food. And now it’s time for lunch. So go ahead| bring the plates back to your seats and you have some games. There are on your tables. If you can see| it’s you can fill out the three games. Well| you will be provided that gladly. You need a pen. You could leave| and we’ll bring it. Bring it out to you. And if you give back the results that some winners here okay?

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