Marigold Somerset NJ Fusion Wedding Anita Patrick Groomsman Speech

Relive the Groomsman Speech from Anita and Patrick’s Fusion Wedding held at Marigold Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Ember Banquets Monmouth Junction NJ
Garba Venue: Ember Banquets Monmouth Junction NJ
Fusion Wedding Venue: Marigold Somerset NJ
Event Venue: Marigold Somerset NJ
DJ & Entertainment: DJ USA Weddings
Makeup Artist: Payal MUA
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Nirali Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Asopalav
Tuxedo/Shirvani Designer: Menguin
Henna Artist: Henna by Shai
Officiant/Priest: Harendra R. Dave



Groomsman: so that was really beautiful. And I’m sorry the microphone didn’t work for you huh? Thank you for handling that. So I didn’t have to. It was really nice. And it’s it’s always very hard to follow up such a beautiful city. So first off um we have a large group of friends over here and family and we want to thank Mr and Mrs Patel and her all of your family and friends for being so welcoming this weekend. Uh we’ve had just a really great time. I don’t think I’ve Mmm. I don’t I don’t dance myself. I filled my quota of dancing for my lifetime but it’s been a ton of funds so maybe I’ll maybe I’ll learn and branch out and get a little more. So I’m gonna just like my friend Patrick. I’m gonna keep this speech short and not too sweet. So um all right so uh anyway Anita asked me last night to tell her some embarrassing stories about Patrick and the honest to God. Truth is he doesn’t have any. He’s such a sweet human And uh he’s never done anything wrong. As far as I know um he really does. He’s So he’s been there for all of our embarrassing stories but he doesn’t have any of his own. Um it was mentioned earlier in the weekend but I feel like this story is so romantic that it needs to be repeated. Uh so I’m Robert. These are group of Navy friends. We got some good Michigan friends and family over here as well. Um I I worked alongside Patrick for a while on the boat. We basically lived together. Then when we went to college we did live together for real. Um and so we’re sitting on the couch doing homework like normal on. He tells me that his lab partner is very cute. Um he’s very intimidated which is not like him. Did not be confident. Hey says it is lab partners so smart and beautiful that he doesn’t really know how to talk to. I say that’s really nice. Um he goes Yeah. We were cutting up cockroaches and examining their insides or whatever the heck you guys do with Roaches. Right? So I mean can you guys think of a more beautiful way to start a relationship then? That So I need your smile is so beautiful. by the way. And uh it’s very nice to watch you look at Patrick and smile that way and I know that he smiles back. Um I do want to let you guys in on a little bit of an inside joke. We have a good friend over here clear that we spend a lot of time getting to know and at parties at the house. And she would say You know is getting to know you games where you say What’s your birthday or what’s your middle name? His middle name is Jamal by the way and she would always say Ooh that’s a good one. She might have actually only said at one time. But it became a thing that we say all the time. So I’m gonna make that my toast. I hope that when you guys think of today anything of Anita and Patrick you just say that’s a good one. So could you guys all I wish I’d brought my glasses. I forgot. It doesn’t matter. Can you all toast please and repeat after me? Ooh that’s a good one. We love you very much. And ladies and gentlemen another round of applause for Robert. And how about a round of applause for all of our speakers?

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