The Imperia Somerset NJ Fusion Wedding Nina David Maid Of Honor

Relive the Maid of Honor from Nina and David’s Fusion Wedding held at The Imperia Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: Couple Residence
Event Venue: The Imperia Somerset NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
Makeup Artist: BeatbyTwiggy
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Anderson Flowers
Wedding Florist: Anderson Flowers
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: cocomelody
Officiant/Priest: Anthony Zecca



Maid of Honor: Hi guys. Too loud. No I’m good. So I had this written up like 12 in the morning and I practically pulled an all letter just for this because I want to make it really really special for Nina. So for those of you who don’t know me my name is Yankee. Tonight we’re here to celebrate the love of two amazing people that I’ve had the opportunity to know. And I honestly cannot believe you’re getting married. Well you married to have a big round of applause for Nina and David please everyone. So I have no Nina for nine years since our first days in college. Back when we didn’t know anything about fake eyelashes or makeup. But we did take a lot of those mirror bathroom selfies and we still d’oh which is over favorite activity. So I met Nina this month August which has always been dear to me since you know I met that. That was when I met her. And we actually celebrate and wish each other every up. Every August last year we went to India. We rode elephants. We took the tour of the Taj Mahal. But tonight tops it all. Yes you know you’re the most down to earth caring and a loving person. And I love you so much. Stop it. And even after 1/2 1 0 000 followers on Instagram she is still the same genuine caring loving person that I met the first time. And I love that. And thank you for not changing. Like I love you so much for that. You have no idea. Like this is why I’m trying. Yeah. Okay. So three years ago I was a little sad when Nina went to l. A. But now I’m so happy that it happened because she found the love of her life in l. A. So I’m so happy and excited for you David I cannot thank you enough for making Nina so happy and treating her like a princess. Like really? You are her Prince Charming. And this is so amazing that I have Well Nina has you as your husband. And thank you for that. Like I really appreciate that. So I met David not so long ago and we found out that we have a few common things. We bought the Aquarius. So which means you’re you have an awesome personality and both of our fear. Drinks are pineapple goose which means that you have good taste like Don you’re marrying my best friend. So But it is really comforting to know that Nina has someone so caring loving and humbled by her side. And I really like cannot thank you for that. You treated her so well. I tell my boyfriend that to look at them like he helped me so no but he helped me write my speed. He did help me write my speech. He pulled an all nighter so thank you for that. But you honestly are like hash tag Couple goals right here to be honest. So yes that I said you’re everything and more than I could hope for for my best friend. And we all finally here to celebrate their love for one another. And everyone please raise your glass with me. Two toes to the new Mr and Mrs Start. Thank you.