The Imperia Somerset NJ Fusion Wedding Nina David Best Man

Relive the Best Man from Nina and David’s Fusion Wedding held at The Imperia Somerset NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Fusion Wedding Venue: Couple Residence
Event Venue: The Imperia Somerset NJ
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
Makeup Artist: BeatbyTwiggy
Wedding Cake: Palermo Bakery
Wedding Decorator: Anderson Flowers
Wedding Florist: Anderson Flowers
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: cocomelody
Officiant/Priest: Anthony Zecca



Best Man: All right. Hello everybody. My name is Will and I am honored to be the best man for Davis Wedding. And ah first foremost I just want to thank everybody for joining us tonight. And you know a lot of people came from all over the world just to be here to celebrate the union of David and Nina. And you know Nina I really have to thank you for the selections of brights mate. You know all gorgeous. All of them. Very stunning. You know Not just brights. Meech even got the photographers are beautiful and stunning you know? So you all look around just you’ll you’ll find them. They’re taking pictures. The guys too you know. All right um Yankee Thanks for the beautiful speech earlier. You’re beautiful as well. So good job and um means parent. Thank you for raising such ah young. You know smart beautiful girl. And also for setting up the wedding. Really appreciate that David. You know I never had a chance to need your father but I know today he is very proud. You know when your mom is here. Um you guys you know the parents you guys did such a wonderful job raising David to demand that he is today. So you know I really appreciate that. You know when he’s my friend and um you know And uh so yeah David turn out. Okay. After all you know so which is good But um all jokes aside though you know it’s such an honor and a privilege to be here as the best man. I never you know I thought that they would ask me to be a best man. You know I’m really really glad that he did. And you know I would never miss world but it’s so um you know So if you guys are excited as I am please make some noise for him. So uh David and I go back maybe about 67 years ago. You know we used to race together. I met him while we’re racing. You know what? He was still racing and uh you know we’re following each other under racetrack you know in the GTR the Ferrari it was some of the best time. Our life you know during around those times eventually became friends. And you know that lets you was being really good friends. So you know and eventually he kind of just step away from racing a little bit. And I kind of missed them. So we started doing something else hanging out at you know getting food. Going to the bar’s a little bit and you know and also we do some charity events together you know And that’s when I really see how you know David have such a kind heart. And you know I got to meet him. His personality it’s you know so amazing. So and you know I really admire him because he’s really a hard worker. He’s such a humble person. I mean I don’t know a lot of you guys talk to him but he’s just a really quiet person you know? But he just really humble You know that That’s touches him. You know he’s very humbled by his success and I love that about him. So and Nina you’re beautiful every day. But today you’re just extra. You look amazing tonight. All right. And thanks for being so caring and loving to David. You know ever since you guys got together you know David changed a little and you know eating in You know you cooked for him. We set up some dinner at the house and you know it is pretty cool you know. Thanks for the invite. Um yeah. When? When they first met I was actually there you know? And we’re out there at the event. And you know when David saw Nina there you know they had ah immediate connection like instantly. They just made that connection and they could get away from each other. You know they were still engaged in a conversation. And um yeah never never Just really engaged in conversation on you knowing that David doesn’t talk at all. You know I saw some potential immediately like sauce and potential that something beautiful was gonna come out of that if David didn’t screw up anything you know? And hey we’re all here today because he actually pulled through. So thank you David. Thank you. You know you two are the most amazing couple Dino. And you know I I really admire your your love. You’re both you guys. And you know one day I hope to find love like you guys. And so I want to say when I grow up I want to be just like you Hey. So ladies and gentlemen please raise your glass. And I want to congratulate Mr and Mrs Starks. All right One last Wish me your lives brings endless love and happiness And thank you everybody. Thank you for being here. Thank you. I’ll go get a ring. Let the choir bells sing like you do. So what you want?