Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY Hindu Wedding Neha Ankur Gaurav Simran

Relive the Gaurav & Simran from Neha and Ankur’s Hindu Wedding held at Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ
Hindu Wedding Venue: Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY
Event Venue: Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
DJ & Entertainment: DJs United
Makeup Artist: Isha Girdher
Wedding Cake: A Little Cake
Wedding Decorator: Florista Decor
Wedding Florist: Florista Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Frontier Raas
Tuxedo/Shirvani Designer: Maanyavar
Officiant/Priest: Om Shukla
Baraat Vehicle or Limousine Service: Caliber Farms



Gaurav Simran: Good evening| ladies and gentlemen. My name is Gore off. I am naming his brother and my name is Simran and nominee has Bobby All right? What fun Last couple of nights been and I want to thank every single one off you for joining us. No. Huh? I still remember the words you spoke at our wedding and welcome me to the family. You help me transition from a nervous but judge. But who to a loving but Judge Brady from being a friend in college to being a sister. You have shown nothing but love and positivity. Another great quality Nia has is her opinions. And I personally cannot manage to go to any parties or trips without her honest opinions. For example change that dress. What kind of earrings are you wearing? Or go put on some eyeliner And even today in the midst off everything that was happening at five in the morning I had to come to you for a word of confidence for my hair style| you always put others happiness first and by the grace of God you found a guy like uncle who we all know will always put your happiness above all. And I love the way you say I married my best friend. All right| so for me| I still can’t believe my little sister’s married just seems like yesterday where| you know| Nejat used to wear my mom’s sorry| and she used to love playing her favorite game called Teacher Teacher. And she would just grab a piece of chalk and just write on the board. And you know what? This morning| I was just thinking back| and it all makes sense now because Nejat has a very nurturing personality and she’s very caring. Um| and you know| I have seen that throughout her childhood and beyond. Also| she has a very loving heart| you know| growing up every single time. My parents would get angry at me and you’ll let me. She would be the 1st 1 to cry| and| you know| that’s the way she is. So now you know| I just want to sum up by saying you’re always so busy taking care of yourself that sometimes I mean| you’re always so busy taking care of others that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. And I’m just so glad that you have found somebody who’s as caring as uncle or who’s gonna take care of you and anchor. I’ve gotten to know you very well in the last several months. And you’re like a brother to me. And I want to welcome you to the family. So congratulations. And if you can all please join me in raising a special toast to the beautiful newlywed couple Doctor| Uncle Bari and Mrs Near how Bari Cheers shares.

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