Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY Hindu Wedding Neha Ankur Groom Father Brother In Law

Relive the Groom Father & Brother in Law from Neha and Ankur’s Hindu Wedding held at Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ
Hindu Wedding Venue: Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY
Event Venue: Hilton Pearl River Pearl River NY
Wedding Coordinator: Self-Planned
DJ & Entertainment: DJs United
Makeup Artist: Isha Girdher
Wedding Cake: A Little Cake
Wedding Decorator: Florista Decor
Wedding Florist: Florista Decor
Bridal Gown/Lengha Designer: Frontier Raas
Tuxedo/Shirvani Designer: Maanyavar
Officiant/Priest: Om Shukla
Baraat Vehicle or Limousine Service: Caliber Farms



Groom Father Brother in Law: Hello and good evening. I would you buddy? Those who don’t know me. I’m doctor with your body. Father are good. I am a surgeon general surgeon in media. I’m practicing there. For the last 40 years| Mr Bhagat has welcomed contact everybody from both the families. When order come on| the stage are usually talk about subsidies. But no Do you think is defense? We can change the topic. Let us talk about I see that position. Is it okay? No. Okay. Then we will think about some of the different topic. First off hard. It’s my lawyer. Talk on this. I am really grateful to those who has come here talked and dysfunction and make it so memory. And we’re really grateful those who traveled a long distance for this function. But there’s one deficiency and that is uncle’s mob doctor on June body. She was a great lady. She loved Uncle like anything very much. And she was crazy for this function. But unfortunately she left us last year. Anyhow| Fart dysfunction uncle Me| huh? The house Mom! Dad! His brother| especially Gordo and his vice Evident. Everybody has a very hard work. I remember they went all the way from here to India in such a hot weather toe. Do this special wedding shopping and the higher D I have the opportunity tojoin them there near stared. Mr. Burgess is a great man. He took us tow some very old and famous eating spots. I still remember that first autumn. Equal fee in a while. The whole bag. Any hope I remember that? No| Both these families| I have I temple to them Ancora. And there| huh? Looking very wonderful. There is unique and one of the perfect couple. Yeah| you are a nice guy who love might it might| son Uncle| and make him so happy. Sincerely| We are glad have you a part of part of a family? And I am very proud. So have you my daughter. But as for the old tradition| I can I would like to leave a few words off a device to them. I’m allowed as if said marriages are made in heaven. But off course marriages are made in heaven. But the maintenance work it has to be done right here on this art. I’m good. Whenever you have some fight our anger with me| huh? I give you a medical advice If you are wrong| Just a few. Sorry to her there and under eye there. And if you are right few years hoarding water then she s calm down. And the NEA van is You are angered| little boys for you. Police Keep your speed. A little dome open each ill. Torrey camera cargo. But how much? Lastly| I only have everybody here on both eyes. You can truly see nothing but the best part for them with the ham. Only blessings off your mom| Doctor on Jube Ari and all of us boyish. You both lied. A very good on magical life together. And no| I would like all of you toe. Raise your glasses and join me in congratulating them. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you. Good evening| everyone. I would like to introduce myself. I’m Dr Lloyd Sherman. Brotherly love bunker. And I’m working as a radiologist in India. Now on Girl here has a dynamic personality. Andi half course is very sweet and beautiful. So both of them have a medical background| so that would help them to adjust themselves professionally. So that’s a very good thing. So I reached them very happy and prosperous married life. God bless both of you. Thank you. Thank you.

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