Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ Sweet 16 Amrutha Sweet 16 Speeches

Relive the Speeches from Amrutha’s Sweet 16 held at Deewan Banquet Piscataway NJ.

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es: Yes. Well| I think I’m good. First of all| it’s really wonderful to see you all here. Like| really happy to see you| all of you. And I know people have traveled from Virginia from Texas from match in Silken Lina. Thanks| guys. Thanks| guys. Thanks for making it so very special for a room. It means a lot for all of us. And I know Dante and hurry and everyone else in my family and Mickey| Lucky uncle| Everyone. We love you all. Thanks for being here| you know| time for making it very| very special. And I’m not Daddy. It’s the special that you’re here today. Wait| You gone yesterday and I was thinking what I should say today about a bit| honestly| like so many| many things that I couldn’t see it| but I just feel that I actually love with not that I’m doing major or anything| but she was gone when I was 25 she’s 16 and| you know| we kind of grew up each other. She sold anything| she talked. Mutation. Then you know| I could go on and she’s in love. Finally. And you know| I mean| there’s so many things I can keep talking about brain. I mean beautiful. She got it taken today| right? And then you know what I mean. Whenever I haven’t been able to move her| she’s like| I’m so fit| right? I’m so stressed. Put every small thing. And you know what relieves stress| shopping and food. You say that we will make you so happy that morning from you know| uh| I’m not saying it. You here for your sweet 16 But you really make all of the trouble. And I know that you keep making you know and and you know| I wish Tru Blood today is exactly what you dream. And may all your dreams come true and be always here. Everyone here| I know everyone’s gonna be here for you. A big sharp for my brother who didn’t make it here like secret. We all love you| Rain and then goatees sisters and my me hurry and Petey and blowing us an amazing thing. I don’t like you| you know. You know what a movie. We are gonna be there for you. Always good or bad. I know you have your people. You love yourself and be strong. And I know that we are because way love you and enjoying the sweet 16 and my different. See| if you want to see what you want to say a word you want to see you 3 16 Really| really happy issue. Everyone has come here and just a year. Sweet 16 today. 16. Thank you. Okay| so I’m gonna start with my first candle. Okay. The first candles. My mom Meyer| the most hardworking person I know. After a long day at work| you somehow managed to clean the house| feed me| talk to me and also asked me what I want for tomorrow’s dinner here. My number one best friend and shopping money. Thank you for everything. Can you come like this? Okay| so this next handle it to my dad. I just want to start out talking about how horrible your But somehow you always made me put a smile on my face and make me laugh. Remember| I only lost because I feel bad. Also| I really appreciate you taking you| taking you to dunk in every way. I can call you my very own. Thank you for being Okay. So this next candle 99 dot nine| you’re the most loving person I know. And you always make sure that they agreed me with Hello every morning. And I just love you. I’m so thankful for all the memories. We have to thank you for showing me your traditional. You guys come with me. I know you couldn’t make it tonight| but I know you guys really wanted to be here. I still remember you telling me bedtime stories before I slept on your part of the best cook in the family. Sorry. I’m so thankful to have amazing gram friends since you guys are in here tonight. Can you get my mom? Wait| I’m very thing over your presence at home because Mom and Dad already knows that it during labor intensive work. So all those jobs get assigned to you. I love you. Wanna hear Tina? Bring the charger or Tina| Put the dishes away| Honest. I love obsessing over hard with you. I love you Introduced me to new songs and of course I love fighting over everyone. My next candle post my uncle. I’m so thankful that we’re so close. We’re able to share 12 great years under the same You guys really are second. I always read to you and share my nonsense stories when they get a chance and did not hear the kind of person I know. Thank you| Wayne. So my next candle close my mother a humble opinion. Dr. Fontana| Dog your problem. You’re definitely the most fun person to be with. I honestly just love talking to you and enjoy every moment that we spent together. Dr. Banana| I really admire your hard work. I could never forget the time you helped me study for the bio. Thank you. Okay| so this next year no TV and suddenly I have so many great memories with you guys. I remember staying in South Carolina for the whole summer| begging a lemonade stand| eating out every single night| going to thank you for showing so much love and harmony. I will get you back with you guys. Please public. Wait. Thank you| Gunny. I love you guys. You guys are pretty sure like| honestly| I feel like we all like inseparable best friends way memories together way Wait. Next. Cando. My other Uncle Benny. I still remember you playing with me when I was younger and I was watching so many movies together. Honestly| you’re more like a sister than a man. Make it so much fun. And you really are the life of the party. And I’m just gonna say it for you. Okay| three best. You| honestly| we only started talking this here while you’re one of my closest friends based having you literally every single day. Sending you the words videos is probably my favorite part of the day. Thank you for being a drama queen and like being my very own therapist. Melanie| I feel like you’re a literal roommate since I see you every day| you come over sometime way. And I know you always have my back and you’re you’re my go to person. Thank you for being close. You like this next Candles. So it all started afraid. We all bonded over the food dye and from you to try and go project. I remember watching together and acting like you were in top cooking challenge. And| you know| you’re one of the nicest person I’ve ever met. And| Sean| you never fail to make me laugh. Thank you guys for the best three years I could ask for Can you please light this candle. Yeah. Okay. This next candles for pushy. What do you would literally just started talking this year. And I really don’t know how they got so close. You’re just so caring. And the best part here I’ve ever met. I know I could share everything with you. And you’re welcome for introducing you to the best pizza place in town we take. I really missed you every day and I was making blog’s Aaron study. I guess we just have that kind of friendship where we just never grow apart regardless of never seeing each other. I love you both So much. Will you come like this? Wait| one big family. No way. Yeah. Thank you. I don’t know every day| but thank you so much. Station every one of you for dealing with my craziness hands and most importantly| make you smile everything you like. Family friends tonight It really means a lot. So I’m gonna wait. Wait. Now let’s talk about the sweet and loving side ever. I’m just brother will be about her now about 20 years. And I get so going between us well over you when you’re robotic test. Think about anything tested it. You can best believe those sweaty hands come into play. There goes your session. You told Russian came money kicks that she that she wanted to do when you get this guy’s voice. If she had a chance to be a big presume this girl into choosing a prize of a post world Russian or anything close to name of money| crazy obsessions and work habits| trips and even a small stone earlier I wouldn’t have broken Shell and others. But learning from you and how and how would you be mixing might be like you way may have Even before coming here| Sister wouldn’t change a single thing about you. Happy? I’m taking it out. Give it to you. Not speaking anymore| right? I will always be different. I love you. Wouldn’t you say way? Love him talking maybe three once every three weeks to every single day. I love romance and small talks in her daily walks around the school every morning. I love which he text me every single day. 12 period cause you keep forgetting that’s not my study hall period. I love I got to see you grow as a person in so many ways and your humor is what I love most about you. I am more more than beyond proud to call you not only my friend| but my sister. Having amazing 16th birthday| You truly deserve all the good things that come to you. I love you so much. Wait. So I just wanted to start this off. Asshole. Move that. I hope you’ve had an amazing night so far and that you look absolutely stunning. When I first met you| you would Mr preaches history class and we barely spoke to each other. Little did we know that by the M buddy here we would be best rhymes about you Bring me so much joy through the year from seventh grade to now You’re so sweet and funny and beautiful as you were We’ll always have Steve| Mom| child mangoes and a fervent songs and the endless moments. And we had crying| laughing over the stupidest things. You’ve been there for me for the four years we will use. We’ve known each other even though we’ve barely seen each other in school and words can’t describe to be grim words kept the ship to describe how thankful I am for you. You honestly| One of my most favorite people to be around and I truly enjoy every minute I get to spend with you. I wish you nothing but happiness. A monkey? Yeah. Evening| everyone. I’m Fredricka and I’ve known Amrita ever since. Elementary school is crazy to have to see her grow up to this gorgeous young lady throughout the years and sometimes actually| most of the time she’s still this quirky and we’re 10 year old. But I still remember in elementary school on a Halloween| we both wore the same costume| which was Bell| and we were Loki Petty about it. So| actually| ever friendship started off Rocky. I guess he didn’t say. But ever since then| we actually became closer. It especially in high school. And we were able to enjoy our homing this year. So and this year? Last year I was lucky enough to have and within my bio class| and we made the best memories ever. Way had our nugget in a biscuit song| drawing pickles on her wrist| stressing about bio exams| and you’re obviously you’re sweaty palms| but in any situation| she always| um| is able to make it fun and interesting with her weird humor| and I’m so glad that we became friends this year| and it’s weird to think that I’ve known you for about nine years. But nonetheless| she looks absolutely gorgeous tonight and I just want to say I love you and Happy Birthday. Where can I begin? First of all| you look absolutely gorgeous today. We met only last year through F. C. C L. A. And gradually got so close. I can tell you just about anything| and you’ll always be such a loyal friend to me throughout after school sales| discussions about you know who| your hatred from milk| your sweaty| disgusting hands and our new obsession for Ferraro’s pizza. You’ve always been there for me in the small time we’ve known each other and ended up earning a special place in my heart| even though you can’t dance real life and in or me all the time. Happy birthday. And we thought| I hope the Sweet 16 is everything you wish for and more. And before I end my speech for you| I have to do this| ready What I see. I’d like to start by saying you look absolutely amazing. I mean Can we give him a round of applause? How beautiful she was. Okay| so I am so thankful that I have such an amazing friend. Like I’m Ruth in my life. And some things I’ve learned about over the time over the five years we’ve known each other for| um you’re never gonna find a friend like him with that anywhere from sweaty palms Thio end with space times about the can touch that’s coming on| Thio| Like all the crisis that we have todo with each other. Like how you can always come to your house whenever I need Thio| you’re never gonna find a friend like her. Also imagine you’re alone. I know that will literally gravitate to you. And you were like a girl. And then finally| I’m Rita is really a keeper. I mean| she’s like the first person I could come to whenever I need anything. And I haven’t met anyone who is as kind| beautiful and boy as a mutha. But to be a keeper| you also need to be like yourself| right and rude. That’s definitely yourself. With with her sweaty palms and with her obsession against milk| Um| she’s always herself. So Thank you so much for having me end. Wait| I don’t even notice stuff. First of all| you look absolutely amazing. So you’ve been my friend since seventh grade. Ever since we met. In a pinch is class over the chicken. It’s a project I’m so thankful for. All remembers that we’ve made| including the Rhineland Luc Ponty| please. And recipes Can K and Mr Very own Cooking show. I’m so glad that such a smart| beautiful and mysterious person came into my life. And I can’t wait to make more memories and lunch and to continue to listen to your rants about you’re not human knowledge| your phobia of milk and you’re excessively sweaty hands. You truly are an amazing friend and never failed to make him often and down I ever so much of him having the best you could ask for. Wait| wait! Happy Boudia| Move on the best. Thank you. Very beautiful. Very good years. You’re 16 years Celebrations is wonderful Way Feel at me to be with you at this moment. Even is very nice. Your cousin older I can you see me move? Happy Sweet 16. Better. I still remember the first day like May 10 From your bar on| I came to see you in the room. Two wars after| Like| doctor gave you like the bottom. Just hold the bottle and drink the whole one. And we were all surprised the nurse said| Wow| this kid is a genius. So your bond talented and God bless you. You reach the moon and the stars are waiting for you. So you click them and our best and issue our future to be be Notre. I wish you all the best on dhe wish you a happy birthday And God bless you with good prosperity| sexes and happy activity by everybody today my grant Sweet 16 blood today I bless my granddad. Happy birthday. I’m Ruth that we hope you have a great day. You’re amazing person| and you’re really funny. Happy birthday again. I love you so much. I hope you have an amazing day. Um| I honestly hate your head sweaty hands and how annoying you get every day and Jim. But honestly| I wouldn’t last a day in gym with you| so I love you. Have a nice with no more happy sweet 16. I still remember the first day I came to the hospital. You were in the nursing room on as you bone like| two hours after the doctor gave you a bottle and you drank the whole bottle of just| you know| without a few seconds. And the nurse said that this good is genius on. I’m sure you are a start on. You will reach your goals in life. And I wish you all the good luck prosperity| success on dhe. Very good education. And be what you want to be Happy. Sweet 16. Maybe me if you want a body| that’s funny.