Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ Fusion Wedding Sandhya Ishmael Sandhya Cousin

Relive Sandhya Cousin from Sandhya and Ishmael’s Fusion Wedding held at Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
Fusion Wedding Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
Event Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
DJ & Entertainment: Waistline Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Aleetha Clanton
Wedding Cake: Venue Provided Wedding Cake
Wedding Decorator: Mandaps by Dhoom
Wedding Florist: Flowers by Rana



Sandhya Cousin: My name is Su Jen. I’m Sunday as cousin. Um I just have a few words for her. Um I’ve been a few weddings but this one is special because it is the first reading I’ve been to um in us who is a family member of mine. Um I’m so proud What an amazing woman you have become. Gentlemen Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? You’re positive kind and you always have a radiant smile that lights up the entire room. Growing up I enjoyed when you would come and visit us in India from us. Ah more than toys and Candies. I would enjoy you listening to you read my book American accent. I’m so happy on. I’m sure you’re You made your parents very proud of becoming becoming an engineer. They say the secret off Ah happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they are right If you love to be with them all the time. Sandia I’m so happy that you have found your love. It’s male barker also. Now you have a lot easier. Last name then Polian Porta obviously both really long happy and happy life together. Thank you