Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ Fusion Wedding Sandhya Ishmael Sandhya And Ishmael

Relive Sandhya and Ishmael from Sandhya and Ishmael’s Fusion Wedding held at Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ.

Special thanks to our vendors:

Pre-Ceremony Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
Fusion Wedding Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
Event Venue: Birchwood Manor Whippany NJ
DJ & Entertainment: Waistline Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Aleetha Clanton
Wedding Cake: Venue Provided Wedding Cake
Wedding Decorator: Mandaps by Dhoom
Wedding Florist: Flowers by Rana



Sandhya and Ishmael: um thank you for joining us today to celebrate us and we had a great time. We’re still having a great time. Um we couldn’t be more blessed to have such wonderful people like you in our lives. So thank you a little bit from me. Um you know you didn’t quite hear but I would like I would like to personally thank everyone my side of family on your side of family especially those who travel from outside the world. Really appreciate everything that you do Sonny and told me a lot of stories about you guys positive. Positive? Um my family is Well I appreciate all of my cousins my family my uncles my aunts Um look because in the back of my mom my brother Wally and Moran my sister Neela Neela all that you’ve done I really appreciate it. And Thio I would like to use this time to kind of found me together. You know gonna have some jam in. Such is pretty soon. And you know Sandy and I was pretty breather excited for this but much further do chairs to Sunday. I like to thank her. This is all her by the way. I know I suck right now but this is all her. Everything that you see here on I also we’re backing her up making the decisions stuff like that. So I would like everyone to please have a round of applause for my beautiful wife and happy Mother’s Day. To our wonderful mothers and all the mothers here. Is it not be Mother’s Day?